Everything is Temporary

Everything is Temporary

Walking along the Colorado River, RM 179.5 in the Grand Canyon, I see a twisted outcrop of columnar basalt. Pillars of hardened lava protrude right then left, up then down, a stark contrast to the basalt on its sides, tall and vertical columns—sentries guarding a renegade piece of the past…. Read More

Remember Candid Camera?

I am just dropping this here for you guys to enjoy. I did. The second bit in particular….. It reminds me of the time I switched the New York Time stock pages on my husband, taking out the current day’s report, and replacing it with the previous year’s. Instead of… Read More

What to Read?

Tonight at 7 PM, I am giving a presentation at the Shine of the Ages at the Grand Canyon. The presentation will last about 45 minutes. I want to talk about my relationship with the canyon, my river trips and what is has been like to be an Artist in… Read More