I will be writing commentaries for The Oregon Capital Chronicle.

I have begun to write commentaries for The Oregon Capital Chronicle, a member of The States Newsroom and one of 28 states providing in-depth and fearless coverage of state and national politics.

In the past my commentaries could occasionally be found in The Guardian, The Washington Post, the Oregonian and The Statesman Journal. Now these opinion pieces will be found more regularly through the Oregon Capital Chronicle.

We are living through exhausting times. Our rights to privacy, safety, free speech, liberty, justice, a clean and healthy environment, education, fair elections, and bodily autonomy are being severely threatened and/or restricted by an increasingly anachronistic and authoritarian power elite.

In these times, it is important each of us use whatever tools we have to peacefully fight for the bedrock principles of our democracy. My tool is words. I hope you will follow the links to both The Capital Chronicle and States Newsroom and read their excellent coverage about issues that matter. I also hope you will consider becoming a contributing member to receive their daily news right to your inbox.

I will be posting my commentaries on this website as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

— Naseem Rakha