Last night Biden said, “If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade.”

It’s an interesting answer — and it leads this feminist to come to one conclusion. (221)

My vote will not be about Tara’s story, which admittedly sounds terrible, but is also filled with holes. Instead, it will be about which of two men I trust to keep American’s and the world most safe in the coming years. (218)

Like many, my stock value went up during Trump’s first three years in office. But I knew this was happening on the back of the poor and our environment. I hated that Trump was giving away our public lands to oil and gas companies, and gutting environmental regs. (263)

I also knew our economic growth stemmed from measures taken by Obama to get us out of the mess created by a previous Republican administration (Bush Jr.) And that Trump’s unwillingness to acknowledge this was evidence of a fatal weakness in his character and leadership. (270)

Of course, the stock market is not an indicator of reality. Under Trump, and his multi-billion dollar tax cut for the rich, the gap between rich and poor has not just widened, it has become a shark filled gulf. With more and more folks falling into it every day. (270)

Just look around. Is there a town in America without a homeless issue? I’m not even talking cities, I’m talking places like where I live, small rural towns with makeshift shelters and families living in cars, and food banks doing the best to keep up with need. (261)

And then there is health care. Trump promised to kill Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. Had he succeeded the crisis we face today would be a thousand times worse, with millions more uninsured during the worse health crisis we have faced in more than 100 years. (262)

There’s also Trump’s full throttle assault on immigrants and people of color to consider. All his rhetoric is geared to feed the fear that the melting pot dream of America will turn our hue from pulp to prism and up the beat of our culture to something more rhythmic. (269)

And now we have his flaccid response to the Corona Crisis. The mish-mosh of declarations, proclamations, denunciations, and weak-kneed applications of assistance and action has been an abdication of Trump’s duty and power as a President. (237)

Trump’s daily press briefings are as useless as watching a man drop coins in a wishing well. He has no business trying to lead people through a crisis. His glass runneth over attitude ignores the reality faced by people whose glasses are shattered. (248)

A real leader would not hold up his hands and say — I’m not responsible. Blame China. Blame the WHO. Blame Governors. Blame doctors and nurses. A real leader would demonstrate how to stay safe by following the protocols set by his agencies. Instead we get arrogance and bluster. (279)

A real leader would also recognize that the “carnage” he warned us about in his inauguration speech, is here, and that no amount of chest pounding and self congratulatory behavior is going to get us out of it.

A real leader understands irony and knows when he is standing in a pile of it. (78)

And finally there is Trump’s history with women. (48)

The President’s proclamation that he can “grab women by the pussy” cause he’s a rich fuck is not just misogynistic, it’s cultural rape. It’s saying the value of a woman rests on her ability to titillate and please. It’s saying men control and own them. (252)

Trump faces not just one, but more than a dozen accusations of sexual assault. The tales are just are gruesome and untoward as Reade’s. The difference? It is far easier to believe Trump’s accusers because he has bragged of such behavior. (237)

Yes, Biden has been accused by others of behavior that women consider “uncomfortable”. The hugs, the shoulder rubs, the closing in on personal space. But non of the women contend they were assaulted. None, until Ms. Reade comes in with her 27-year-old claim. (253)

Unlike Trump, who denies responsibility for anything that makes him look less-than, and unlike Brett Kavanaugh, who threw a temper tantrum at the idea he may have forgotten assaulting a woman while drunk. (204)

Biden says Reade’s accusation should be investigated, and that if we believe it, then don’t vote for him. He also categorically denies the action and asks for an investigation. (176)

And because Biden has no history of sexual assault, no comments about grabbing pussies (Trump) no tendency to get black-out plastered (Brett Kavanaugh), I believe him and I will vote for him, because the alternative, as far as I can tell, is a toxic mess. (255)

Trump didn’t clean the swamp, he has made it into a Superfund Site. (67)